This version happened from Feb to Apr 2017 - during a point in my life when EVERYTHING was changing and up in the air. My normal office space was gone and I turned into a digital nomad - working from various locations across Indianapolis. As usual, this release took longer than I expected - but overall I'm happy with it. I'm very much looking forward to NOT coding on Nomie for a few weeks.

Here's what's up in 2.1 (screenshots below)


  • Streak View
  • Sortable Boards
  • Color selector
  • On/Off Tracker Type
  • Notification Center (for cloud apps and awards)

Build Specific 200059

  • Fixed Missing Internet!
  • Moved couchdb data and credentials to user storage, not syncing storage.

Upgrade Warnings

  • You might experience some shifting of settings upgrading to 2.1
  • Backing up before updating is never a bad idea.
  • Check CouchDB Syncing and API Status after updating, as they might have been turned off during the upgrade process.


  • Tracker Editor
    • New Icon selector w/ Search
    • New Color Picker
    • Bug Fixes
  • Event Editor
    • AM / PM now a toggle button
  • Trackers
    • On/Off Tracker Type (boolean)
      • Streak View (calendar)
  • API Fixes
    • Charge can now be set beyond -2 and 2
    • Many API call imports should no longer crash Nomie
    • Timers can now be used with the API - /value=SECONDS
    • Commands should run if Tracker Board (main screen) hasn't been loaded yet - for Desktop app
  • Stats View
    • Fixed Vs Month date Today View
      • Fixed Today Month view on Click
  • General
    • Worked to improve boot launch time
    • Fixed Locked group header
    • Sortable Boards
    • Updated splash screen to show nomie text logo
    • Added new manual time adjustments via keyboard
    • Fixed API memory leak when importing a lot of API calls
    • Fixed Cloud Apps and CouchDB syncing from running in the background - causing odd crashes.
    • Added "Disable Auto Run Apps" in the settings.
    • Added ability to include a note in the TRACK API command
    • Month and 3M charts now render on Tracker Stats

Known Issues

  • VS chart doesn't look very good horizontally, or with a Timer tracker
  • Deleting an event doesn't immediately reflect on the tracker button
  • Now Board doesn't cache, causing it to update immediately after a tracking event.

No More Logo! Or "NOW" & "POP"

I killed the Nomie logo on the Tracker tab and replaced the "NOW" and "POP" (if enabled) with their icons instead. This freed up a lot of space.

Sortable Boards

This release finally brings Board sorting into Nomie. While it's not as smooth as I'd like - it works.

Daily Toggle Tracker Type

Track if I did something today or not

Improved Tracker Editor

Creating trackers for a Mood Diary

Icon selector with Search

Life Tracker Icon search

Color Picker

Nomie Color Picker

Notifications / Awards

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