Pre 2.0.4 - All Notes

Build 200021 Feb 26

  • Added 24 Hour Clock Option
  • Couch Syncing updates UI in real time across multiple devices
  • Map double bug fixed
  • Hashtags faster more reliable
  • Add to Past respects positivity settings
  • Now Board no longer flashes after restart
  • Cloud Apps update and improvements
  • Added Ignore Zero Option for Range and Numeric Input
  • Updated Charts
  • Added 24 hour clock option
  • Couch Syncing now updates UI in real time for most elements (trackers, events)
  • Fixed Map not loading the 2nd time
  • Fixed search bug
  • Improved note hash tag generation
  • Updated Notes Hashtagging storage and design
  • Added Popular tab to Hashtags view
  • Updated Cloud App button design
  • Cloud Apps can be updated
  • Cloud Apps can now present clickable Notifications
  • Add to past now applies proper positivity charge
  • Now board no longer flashes
  • Added new Boot sequence to help control timing

Build 200011 Jan 15th 2016

  • Fixed sorting of trackers within a board
  • Fixed incorrect background colors
  • Fixed dark theme elements
  • Added loading for Cloud App and Tracker browser
  • Fixed Slider defaulting to min
  • Disabled Location within event editor when Location tracking is set to off
  • Build 200010 Jan 12th 2016

  • Removed push notifications (fcm plugin) - possible reason its getting rejected from apple, and causing massive battery drain.

  • Fixed API loading current time for events instead of recorded time for events.
  • Removed and cleaned up plugins
  • Damn that fruit company.
  • Removed Pin icon from tracker when GEO is disabled and saving
  • Improved launch speed
  • Better battery utilization
  • Removed push notifications (for now)
  • Adjusted logo placement
  • Fixed bug where API might not stop listening after it was switched off

Build 200008 Jan 10th 2016

  • Fixed nomie logo / board selector
  • Added service to control staged event firing
  • Cleaned up Market and Cloud App Browser
  • Fixed Dark theme bugs
  • Fixed Tracker Market and Cloud App modal bug
  • Minor UI tweaks

Build 200006 Dec 28th

  • Cloud Apps now have access to API
  • API now able to be purchased
  • API events now track the time when it was added to API instead of when it was downloaded
  • Cloud Apps can now have a recommended tracker that can be installed if you don't already have one.
  • Added Push Notification support

Build 200005 Dec 22nd

  • Fixed Quick Note bug - stopping the Prompt for Note and Add a Note to trackers.
  • Fixed UI bug on Note View
  • Fixed Commander so internal URLS work again.
  • Fixed Global Number formatting issues
  • Added ability to recommend a tracker to the nomie market
  • Enabled links in Cloud App response

Build 200004 Dec 21st

  • Added Fingerprint Auth for Android
  • Lots of changes to Cloud Apps
    • New Design
    • New Notification feature allowing cloud apps to send a small notification instead of a full response.
    • New Cloud App Details component to see exactly whats going on
  • New Code interface
  • Removed Messaging from Nomie - replaced with new Nomie News Cloud App
  • Slight list design adjustments
  • Removed ancient Nomie / Mento libraries

Build 20003 Dec 11th


  • Board scrolling fix (hopefully)
  • Updated note viewer design
  • Deleting an event in the Today View now visually removes it
  • Added initial Spanish and German languages
  • Added language selector to first page of Onboarding
  • Fixed some of the missing language elements
  • Design changes for the Cloud Apps view
  • Edit / Add to Past will not lookup location when GEO Location is disabled

Known issues

  • Add to Past doesn't respect positivity settings

Build 200002 Dec 4 -

  • Dark Theme Improvements

Build 200001

  • Icon Scrolling Memory Leak bug fixes (cannot reproduce)
  • CouchDB Sync issues
  • Added ability to install
  • Ported codes - still not working properly
  • Added loader next to logo when timers are running
  • Added fast way to text me
  • Made tracker editor more consistent

Nomie Release notes

Version 1.5.3

  • Tracker Editor Improvements
    • UI
    • Automatically Prompt for Note
    • Better Select options for Positivity and Math selections
    • Improved Icon and Color selection
  • API
  • Tracker Board
    • Integrated Groups with the Tracker Board
    • Post Log
    • Tracker Sharing
    • Timer Tracker
    • Number inputs can not switch between negative and positive
    • Improved Value inputs
  • Today Tab
    • Improved time navigator
    • Press and hold to edit
    • Double tap to see stats
    • UI Cleanup
  • Account

    • API
  • New Boot process

  • Reliable Data Storage
  • Ready for a faster next release
  • Migration from 1.5.2
  • 6 new Themes
  • New tab icon designs

Bad News

  • Boards are no longer sortable - it was taking up way too much code and it still sucked.

Version 1.5.2


  • Improved UI
  • Additional Tracker Stats
  • Big Spender Cloud App
  • Dark Theme Improvements
  • Offset Time Improvements
  • Dropbox now prompts for backup
  • Some UOMs have full display formatting $, hours, minutes.
  • Updated notes UI


  • Inverse Dynamic Positivity
  • Updated Model UI
  • Updated Note UI
  • Experiments are now called Cloud Apps
  • New Nomie Apps UI
  • Improved Settings UI
  • General Bug Fixes
  • New Stat Charts
    • Time of Day
    • Day of Week
    • Improved Averages
  • Comparing Trackers now has a balanced mode!
  • Overall font size improvements
  • Dark Theme now has status bar (iOS)
  • Dark Theme color improvements
  • Android and iOS headers now match colors
  • Nomie Cloud Apps added to Market
  • New Status loading screen
  • Added Event Value to Tracker Stats popup Log view
  • Dropbox now asks you if you want to backup instead of forcing you.
  • Comparing Trackers now has a balanced mode!
  • Inverse Dynamic Positivity
  • Updated Model UI
  • Updated Note UI
  • Experiments are now Nomie Cloud Apps
  • General Bug Fixes
  • New Stat Charts
    • Time of Day
    • Day of Week
    • Improved Averages
  • Dark Theme now has status bar (iOS)
  • Dark Theme color improvements
  • Android and iOS headers now match colors
  • Nomie Cloud Apps added to Market
  • Dropbox now asks you if you want to backup instead of forcing you.
  • New Nomie Icon

Version 1.5 15000 Apr 5 2016

  • Messages
  • Experiments
  • New Board Engine - bare bones Javascript
  • New Icons
  • New Create View
  • New Design Overall
  • Tabs on Bottom for Android

Version 1.2 11200 Feb 9 2016

  • Nomie Now. View the trackers you use right now
  • Remind Me. Have Nomie notify you once a day to track
  • Editable Values, Locations and Times for an event
  • Dynamic Positivity for Slider Trackers
  • New Tracker Stats page details and design - including Time Grid
  • New Notes Design
  • Attach a Note to an Event
  • New notes tab in Tracker Stats
  • New Popup Notifications / Alerts / and Inputs
  • Boatload of Usability and Design enhancements on Android and iOS
  • Set restart after creating a new trackers.
  • Positive, Negative and Scores can be turned on and off on the Dashboard chart
  • Fixed multiple misspellings
  • New in-app notification component
  • Improved scrolling speeds
  • Improved Dropbox Import speed time.

Version 1.1 11001 Nov 22nd 2015

  • Notes record locations
  • Automated Dropbox Backups
  • Dark Theme Fixes
  • Reset Nomie Option

Version 1.1 11000 Nov 9th 2015


  • Material Design (close but still some work ahead)

iOS and Android

  • Numerous User Experience enhancements
  • Tracker Stats
    • Redesign Stats screen
    • Integrated VS mode (formerly compare)
    • New Log view - actual times by day
    • New Map view
  • CSV Export
    • Customizable by start and end date, and either a specific tracker or all trackers.
  • Global Tracker Search (If more than 10 trackers)
  • "..." new "More" tab
    • Settings has been merged and renamed to "More"
    • New methods to "Fix Things"
      • Refresh Tracker, Group and Tag index.
      • Optimize Events database
      • Reboot Nomie


  • Dashboard - Clicking day button will return you to today.
  • Slaughtered more disappearing headers
  • Truthfully, I didn't keep track... A CRAPLOAD.

Version 1.0.1 10102 10103 - Sept 20 2015

  • Removed blue headers
  • Fixed library access in iOS 9
  • iOS 9 Support

Version 1.0.1 10013 - Sept 19th 2015

  • iOS 9 Support

Version 1.0.0 10013 - Sept 15th 2015

  • Android Back Button is back!
  • Improved Loading Times on IOS
  • Dark UI tab bottom border removed

Version 1.0.0 10012 - Sept 12th 2015

  • Fixes on Scrolling and long pressing on trackers

Version 1.0.0 10011 - Sept 8th 2015

  • Improved Launch Time

Version 1.0.0 10010 - August 30th 2015

  • Fixed verbage on Tracker Limits.

Version 1.0.0 10009 - August 29th 2015

  • Cleanup Compare View Redesigned
    • Tap Chart to toggle between line and bar
      • Swipe to remove trackers from compare
      • Tap tracker to toggle on and off
  • Added Invite system

Version 1.0.0 10008 - August 15th 2015

  • Fixed Library Tracker view

Version 1.0.0 10007 - August 15th 2015

  • New Tab Interface
  • New Added Research to press-and-hold tracker options.
  • New Switching groups happens in the tracker nav bar
  • New Notes UI
  • Fixed Accidental taps when pressing-and-holding
  • Fixed Lots of little UI issues
  • Fixed Faster note filtering
  • Updated Fix thing button now under settings.
  • Returned Add button is back

Version - August 9th

  • Fixed Dark theme group labels being white on white
  • Fixed Create tracker form now clears after creating a tracker
  • Fixed Sync now connects to IrisCouch
  • Fixed Groups now sorted alphabetically
  • Updated Added Note to note editor title - so people know what the hell it is.

Version - August 6th

  • Added Beta Lock Screen added. Use code betaloveme411
  • Added Deleting a tracker will delete all events associated with said tracker.
  • Fixed version file name of dropbox exports
  • Fixed Time on dropbox importable files
  • Fixed Delete tracker Cancel button no longer deletes!
  • Fixed Dashboard always returns to today when returning back to it.

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