Nomie Commands

Nomie Commands are, well, commands you can give Nomie to execute. For example, a command exists to create a tracker, and to track an event. These commands are represented as a URI like resource. For example action=track/label=pee.

Every command starts off with an action, these actions are followed by parameters said action might need.

How to Trigger Commands

Custom URL Scheme

Nomie supports the nomie2 custom URL scheme. nomie2://{command}

For example: nomie2://action=track/label=Drank%20Water

Nomie API Call Subscribe here

For example:{APIKEY}/action=track/label=Drank%20Water

Cloud App Callback

See cloud app documentation for more details.

Available Actions


Track an existing tracker.

  • action=track/label=Drank%20Water
  • action=track/label=Weight/value=123


  • label - REQUIRED - label of the tracker to use
  • geo - optional - location of the event. action=track/label=Peed/geo=-14.43,43.43
  • time - optional - time the event took place. action=track/label=Peed/time=1483577384644
  • value - optional - value of an event. action=track/label=Temp/value=23.43

Create Tracker

Creates a New Tracker!

  • action=create-tracker/label=Ate%20Apple/icon=foodIcon-apple/charge=2


  • label - REQUIRED - label of the tracker to create
  • charge - optional - Positivity of event (-2,-1,0,1,2)
  • uom - optional - A specific unit of measurement see Nomie UOM for available options
  • math - optional - sum or mean - defaults to sum
  • type - optional - tick, numeric, range, timer - defaults to tick (single tap)
  • notePrompt - optional - true / false - defaults to false
  • interactive - optional - true / false - defaults to false - if the user should be taken to the Tracker Editor screen after creating this tracker.

Create Note

Creates a Note within Nomie

  • action=create-note/note=its%20a%20start


  • note - REQUIRED - the Note Content

Start Note

Launches Note editor with content preset.

  • action=start-note/note=its%20a%20start


  • note - REQUIRED - the Note Content

Preview Cloud App

Launch a Cloud App's join page.

  • action=preview-cloud-app/


  • url - REQUIRED - url to Cloud App's join JSON document

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