2.2 Release Notes - May 1st 2017 to May 30th 2017

Nomie 2.2 was a special kind of beast - as they all are - forcing me to face a bug so grand that I almost threw in the towel (you'll see that's a common thread in my monkey mind, but my spirit never lets me quit). This bug also forced me to create a new way to query data (events / notes), and sure enough, it was fast - REALLY fast. Here's what else changed.

Updates / Upgrades

  • [x] Sort by Alpha A-Z Z-A in a board
  • [x] Faster Event Lookups
  • [x] Real Time Note Searching
  • [x] Faster Today Loading
  • [x] Improved Today view
  • [x] Tracker Button stays colored until event is fully tracked
  • [x] Added Notifications / Trophies feature
  • [x] Improved syncing setup UX
  • [x] Improved syncing HTTPS status notification
  • [x] Improved Note View / Edit UX
  • [x] Link to official privacy policy

Bug Fixes

  • [x] Sort by alpha should SORT BY ALPHA
  • [x] Note edit location - button is positive on positive with theme enabled
  • [x] Adding Tracker to board doesn't refresh - until a full restart of the app.
  • [x] Delay in adding to past
  • [x] Export not exporting events
  • [x] Tracker selector leaking memory
  • [x] Replaced Today with a Usage service for faster lookups
  • [x] Editing an events time creates a new copy
  • [x] Notes are not loading
  • [x] Note Notes cannot be generated
  • [x] Cannot add a board to my library without refreshing the app
  • [x] Rename Nomie Pro to Nomie 2
  • [x] Last DPI not being applied on boot
  • [x] Vs not allowing selection of tracker
  • [x] CSV Export All Trackers sometimes fails
  • [x] Android check fingerprint to unlock
  • [x] Modal Animation slowing things down - make it just fade in
  • [x] Today Spinner white looks like shit on android
  • [x] Cloud Apps don't pass version number, 24 hour clock settings, and language settings

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